Sunday, December 21, 2014

A long day of waiting – Iceland

17/12 Wednesday

Iceland is calling, the land of ‘fire and ice’.  Light snow has been forecasted but for once, I am not very thrilled. Watching for the Northern Lights in snow is like looking for stars on a rainy day; it is a tall order!

Iceland below!!
Though the flight is scheduled at 1.20pm, Belfort advised us to set off at 9am, because of the peak hours. It is a good idea, since Pat is a little under the weather and lugging the bags through 3 train stations look impossible. Besides, it started raining in the night and the day started off wet and dreary.

Contrary to our worries, we reached the airport in 30 mins. I am not sure if that is good news or not, but I know I have squashed the chance to wake up late due to the hotel’s advice. We lingered around CDG Terminal 1, waiting for Icelandair booth to open. It did, an hour later. By then , we have walked a couple of rounds  around the departure area.

Lunch was at the one and only café near gate 76, at a princely sum of €28, for 2 set lunch and a quiche. Raised on a diet of Changi Airport and its excessive services, CDG is like a desert, with nothing to boot.

FI543 , set to depart at 1.30pm, was delayed by 3pm. That would be 5 odd hours of waiting for 3 hours of flight to Iceland. Do the maths, it just does not add up.

I can't remember what we ordered but I declare every dish YUM!
Hotel Fron - Luxurious hotel in downtown Reykjavik
All was not in vain. We missed daylight by the time we arrived. Hotel Fron in downtown , after a circuitous transfer from airport shuttle and then another to the capital's main thoroughfare was rewarding. It had comfort and sits right smack in the middle of the action. We did not lounge around for long. Instead we zoomed in to the Grill Market were we had the first of many sumptuous meal in Iceland.

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