Sunday, December 21, 2014

Snaefellsnes cancelled and a trip to Hafnarfjordur instead.

20 Dec  Snow, sleet and hail.

We woke up bleary up with barely less than 3 hours of sleep to get ready for Snaefellsnes, by Reykjavik Excursions. It would be a 13 hour tour today.

From 7.30am, we waited until it was 8pm, way past our pick up point. We realized to our horror that due to inclement weather in the region, tours were cancelled. What a shame! 6 months of planning and now nothing.

We did a quick re-evaluation and decided to take a bus to Hafnarfjordur, a 30 minute ride on bus 1, after we were assured that despite the gale predicted, buses will still run.

We got off at Fjordur, a mini mall at the marina. We thought we would wait out at overcast weather at a café in the mall, only to find that the weather turned into a   artic shower. We braved on in the rain, walking around the shore in freezing rain before calling it quits. Wind, at about 18m/s were attacking us from every possible direction.

Back to the mall it was again and we opted for lunch, barely 2 hours after our Fjordur coffee break ( which , gasp!, was barely 2 hours from our hotel breakfast ).

W hopped back to bus 1, just steps off the shopping mall , and headed back to downtown. We ended up at Hlemmur station, and on the way back did a thoroughcheck in Bonus for snacks before heading back to Fron for a much needed siesta.

Dinner was meant to be at the Seafood Grill but the place was bursting at its seams with no admission possible to those without advance booking. Oh well, we did a fancy meal all the same, at Le Bistro. My lamb ragout and Pat’s whale steak were rather impressive, though pricey. That done, we headed back to prepare for South Coast Adventure the next day. Hope tomorrow’s weather will have something to show for or my long awaited Iceland trip will be a big disappointment.

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