Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Last day in Iceland – Just Reykjavik

22 Dec  Clear, cold  and terribly windy

Harpa again.
We decided to take a break to get over the exhaustion of yesterday’s guided tour. It would be the last day in Iceland ( we leave the next day ) and we wanted to soak in the colors of our base. There was always the same joke of an earlier trip where we were based in Osaka but saw nothing in the 5 days we were there except the train station. I had planned so much there was no time to check out the place we were based.

Reykjavik was terribly windy although the weather had cleared and hovered slightly above 0C. Snow had turned to ice and some parts were already cleared . It was amazing no cars skidded on the roads under such conditions.

Barely 100m, we had to seek shelter from the cold at the tourist information center at Laerkjagata. It was a good stop, because we spied a little cute place Laerjarbrekka beside that   gave us the best cod fish lunch before we leave for France.

In the freezing cold , we sought out 871+-2 or the Settlement Exhibition Center. It was tucked away in a square and proved to be one of the most informative source regarding early life in Iceland. Though pricey considering the little place , we thought it was worth it.

Now noon, we came out of the museum and trooped around the little pond behind it. The ice was thin from melting and geese frolicked in the tiny corner now filled with water.

After a fabulous lunch at Jaergabrekka ( 3 cod dishes, 1 wine, 2 salads – 11000 isk ), we revisited Harpa where we took yet more pictures of Arukey, picture perfect in the pink soft glow of the setting sun at 2 pm.

We did lots of window shopping up and down highstreet and packed some more TV dinner to be eaten in the room. Tea was a café on high stools kind with locals, fried donuts , cakes and watered down coffee. 

We retired early after packing, dining in the comfort of our room on the last day of our Iceland stay.

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