Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Normandy – here we come !

23 Dec From cold to cool

I cannot decide if Iceland or Normandy is the more difficult of the holiday. The former was more of the weather with all the travels taken care off by guides while the latter was challenging in terms of travel even with good weather.

Iceland Airlines dropped us off at CDG 30 minutes later than planned, from Reykjavik. We had a rather hurried standup lunch ( €28 ) before picking up our car at Hertz. I started to get nervous because Pat had problems with the car. How to open the boot, how to start the engine and most importantly, how to reverse the car !

After all the issues were solved, we set off, with Garmin and an inbuilt NatSav. It was the scariest drive I had for a long time because despite the unfamiliarity of left hand manual drive, he managed to push the car hard, at one stage more than 130km/h. I was audibly hyperventilating.

Reyjavik Airport breakfast
Against our will, we paid toll for the highway 4 times, totally €17.70 to get to Honfluer La Closerie Apartments in record time. Now totally relieved, we stopped at Lidl to stock up on emergency supplies ( €8.40 )before pulling up at La Closerie Honfleur that is right across the road.

Dinner in Normandy, Honfleur
We were given a lovely 1 bedroom unit in the apartel ( room 104 ) with a lovely view of Pont de Normandie. We celebrated our safe arrival downtown, in a restaurant near the marina. It was a lovely place with attentive service. 3 of us had 3 course dinner with a total bill of €50, a steal in one of the tourist hotspots in France.

Closerie - Lovely!
Lovely ktichen, small but adequate
We walked back to our hotel to ooh and ahh at the place before tiredness overtook us. Our first night in Normandy had gone well. I am sure God had a major role in this.

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