Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Christmas eve in Honfleur , chalk cliffs of Etretat

24 Dec 2014

Just the second day and already driving like a pro. With Garmin's help.
The weather did not start well for the morning of Christmas eve. It was overcast, high winds were forecasted but we forged ahead. Etretat was the highlight of the day but before that there was this architectural feat, Pont de Normandie.

We gladly paid a toll of €5.40 and €1.10 to get onto the highway to Route d’Etretat. Rain come in spurts casting a gloom on our way there. It did not help that we were somehow led into a small town in Etretat – handling the car in a start-stop situation was tough on Pat.

Entretat at last!
We parked at De Gaulle Square, just meters off the beach (  3hr for €4.50 ). Waves were crashing it, powerful and ominous. We saw 2 arches from where we were , the one northwards with the quaint church above it. It was a lovely sight, even in the cold drizzle.

Don't say we didn't warn you!
Sea spray and foam sometimes crash onto the walkway but it was noway as scary as Vik, Iceland. We walked up the path onto the centre arch, mindful of the gusty wind. At one point the winds scare the daylights off me as I recalled the near incident at Vik.

We say lots of horshradish on the way up and seagulls roosting on the top of the arches. One seagull family was even caught having a domestic spat.

Above the arch
We did not attempt to walk to the arch nearer to the golf course, tired of braving the winds. Despite the holiday, lots of visitors also braved the rough weather to enjoy the wonder of mother nature.

All crepes should taste like this

We had an enjoyable lunch at La Grange Creperie ( 2 mussel and frites set, 3 crepe set, 2 coffee and 1 salad for only €54 ). Then we set off for Honfleur, with the helpful Garmin.

A little pre-dinner stockup at Lidl and then we were off, this time on feet, to Honfleur. We saw the gothic fa├žade of St Leonard church and walked up the steep Bourdet Street to ogle at the old houses. There were lots of architectural details that were worth recording.

We retreated and checked out Eglise St Catherine and her woody interior. Nearby at the Christmas market, we had our chocolate crepe and  coffees, totally unneeded because of the heavy lunch but still fun to have.

Now sundown, we reluctantly made our way back. I was glad I planned dinner because Honfleur was a ghost town and a faint shadow of the bustling dinning scene the night before.

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